Find the Best Things To Do in Niagara Falls Canada

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That Niagara Falls Canada is one of the miracles of the world, every lucky one, who felt on his skin a cool spray of massive streams, thunderously falling from the rocks in an attractive place on the border of the USA and Canada, inevitably becomes convinced.

Niagara – “rumbling water”-. Every year, billions of visitors come to North America to see this epitome of the strength and power of nature. Niagara can be seen and heard long before it appears. before you, there is a cloud of water vapor and you can hear the sound of flouting water.

The legendary complex of waterfalls “Horseshoe Falls”, “American Falls” and “Bridal Veil Falls” is located near the five largest freshwater lakes of the world.

Upper, Michigan, Huron, Erie and Ontario and is a tourist pride prosperous homonymous townships, fellow Niagara Falls, Canadian and American.

Near the waterfall are two islands – Lunar and Goat, and from the cliff, the water flows three streams. Canadians are lucky because the largest waterfall “Great Horseshoe” is located on the territory of their country. In width, it reaches 800 meters. And the waterfalls “Fata Bride” and “American” took the US.

Niagara Falls – the most powerful and wide in North America. All three waterfalls have a width of more than a kilometer, a height of about 50 m.

“Niagara” takes its name from indigenous local residents – the Iroquois tribe Ongiara. Literally, “Niagara” means onguiaahra – “thunder of water”.

How to get there 

There are two options for arrival: from the Canadian or American sides. In the first case, it is optimal to fly to Toronto (from 350 USD ), and to Niagara Falls by bus, which depart every 1.5-2 hours from the central bus station Toronto Coach Terminal. The ride time is about two hours. The ticket price is 9-11 USD. From the Niagara Falls bus station to Niagara Falls, a local bus runs, the journey takes about 20 minutes, the ticket price is about 2.75 USD and get Limo Tour Services.

At the waterfall, you can make a one-day excursion from New York, Toronto or Ottawa. The nearest airport is Buffalo (40 km).

You can see the Niagara Falls from a bird’s-eye view, climbing by helicopter, or “from below”, swam to it on the boat. At the foot of the waterfall is the “Cave of the Winds”, where tourists descend on a special elevator. Each traveler receives a raincoat and a bag for personal belongings because Niagara cannot remain dry.

5 things To Do in Niagara Falls 

1-visit the border between the United States and Canada, walking along the “Rainbow Bridge”, located a few hundred meters from Niagara Falls.

2-In winter, visit the Canadian Niagara to personally see the noisy colorful fireworks of the “Winter Festival of Lights”.

3-To capture the rainbow, born in the splashes of the waterfall, for which it is necessary to be on the Canadian side of the waterfall from noon to sunset.

4-Make sure personally that the fish, indeed, “travels” along the waterfall, visiting the Cave of the Winds. The cost is 14 USD.

5-Boat cruise on the waters of Niagara on a ship called “Maid of the Mist”, which is named after the ancient Indian mythical character Ongiara.

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