Upcoming Events to Enjoy Your Holidays in Toronto

Toronto is not the place to stay at home or sit around by the coffee table. This city deserves limo rides on the road, strolling around the streets and a thrill all over in the surroundings. This city is all about festivity especially on the days of Christmas and New Year. Celebrations are everywhere, the whole town is glitzing with its Christmas lights. So, if you’re worried that how to make your holidays like an adventurous experience, there are a lot of upcoming events for you. Christmas itself an event and winters in Canada brings a lot of other festivals along. However, let’s have look at the upcoming events to enjoy till the new steps in the town. To add up more spice and thrill, do not forget to book an Airport Limo.

How to Celebrate Upcoming Holidays in Toronto?

Christmas and New Year is the time of many people to celebrate, to start over their lives and for the great next year. There are a lot of hopes and wishes bound with it, Kids pray for Santa to bring the gift of their choice, they light up their houses, make cookies and help less-fortunes to make best out of these days. So, whoever you are, wherever you belong, try to make these events exciting and thrilling for you and for others around you. Follow up the schedule of events and don’t forget to book your tickets.

  1. Toronto Christmas Market

Date: 15th November – 23rd December (2018)

The perfect blend of traditional and contemporary norms. This market celebrates everyone inspired by music, art, scents and sceneries. So, don’t forget to spend your precious minutes on the magical evening of Christmas market.

  1. New Year’s Eve

Date: 31st December 2018

New Year’s Eve is full of the exciting view. You can grab a cruise tour, enjoy the view, bars, restaurants and cafes offer extraordinary happenings. Celebrate the evening with your loved ones and enjoy the best of your day.

  1. Toronto International Boat Show

Date: 12th January – 21st January (2019)

Do it for the love of boat. Yes, it is for the enthusiast and people with different educational interests. You might want to be part of crew sometime, this will help you know about the boats. It can be a great deal for the watercraft lovers.

  1. Toronto Light Festival

Date: 18th January to 3rd March (2019)

The Distillery Historic District looks amazing with the lights, especially on these days. It opens a way to the most amazing open-air gallery which is the artists’ heaven and they get the chance to display their masterpieces of history, art and traditions.

  1. Winterlicious

Date: 25th January to 7th February (2019)

The first thing that comes in a mind after this is delicious. Lunch, dinner and all the new/traditional food is just yummy. They bring the best restaurants and the tasteful food to the streets of Toronto. Do not forget to try this mouth-watering menu.

  1. Valentine’s Day

Date: 14th of February

Well, the city has some amazing ideas to offer on this day of love. Celebrate the day with your partner by opting for the helicopter ride or just sip and stroll around the street. Apart from that, there are various restaurants offering a lot of the discounted deals for the dates. So, yes, grab your love and let it be the most memorable day of your life.

There is a long list of events that can make a great deal to be in Toronto. Enjoy your days in the city and make it the most memorable time of your life. However, for any tour within a city and luxurious ride, you can get the private car service and return in your own Airport Limo Toronto within reasonable fares.

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